Buying or Selling a Home? You Need an Expert Kind of Guide

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you need an experienced guide to help you navigate the process. Sellers normally begin by contacting a professional for a Comparative Market Analysis that will help them enter the market at the right price.  Buyers use professional input to find the right point between paying too much or offending the seller with a low-ball offer.

In the current market, the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the journey consumers take to purchase or sell a home. In this new climate the seasoned expertise of your real estate professional is central to your success.  Like the Himalayan Sherpas who skillfully navigate the jagged peaks and passes of the mountainous terrain in Nepal and Tibet, the best real estate professionals to navigate the challenging developments of the pandemic, are those who have added all of the new tools and techniques to their well-polished repertoire of traditional capabilities.  In this new setting, some of the necessary tools and techniques include, virtual showings, electronic document management, health and safety protocols and virtual open houses.  The right professional is the adaptable expert who can quickly pivot to engage the rapidly changing challenges of the post-COVID world.

Call James today (973) 987-7065.  You deserve a professional equipped guide you through these rapidly changing circumstances.

Bottom Line

Post-COVID Real Estate professionals are skilled with virtual open houses, virtual showings, e-Signing and Health and Safety protocols  James Bean is one of the best in this new terrain

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