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There’s a current narrative that owning a home today is less affordable than in the past. The reason some make this claim is because house prices have increased substantially the last several years. It’s not  just the price of a home that matters, however.

Most homes are purchased with a mortgage, and the current mortgage rate is a major factor in the affordability equation. Mortgage rates have fallen by nearly two percentage points in the last year and one-half.  Another major affordability factor is a buyer’s income. The median family income has risen by approximately 6% during the last two years.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Housing Affordability Index, in the first graph, shows that home affordability is better today than at almost any point over the last 30 years.

“A Home Affordability Index value of 100 means that a family with the median income has exactly enough income to qualify for a mortgage on a median-priced home. An index of 120 signifies that a family earning the median income has 20 percent more than the level of income needed pay the mortgage on a median-priced home, assuming a 20 percent down payment so that the monthly payment and interest will not exceed 25 percent of this level of income (qualifying income).”

The higher the index, therefore, the more affordable homes are. In the second graph on the left are data since the 1990's.  Again, we can see that affordability is much better today than the historical average and has been getting better over the last year and a half.

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Choose to live in the setting you have always wanted with mountain views, wooded surroundings, stunning recreational lakes, and serene tranquility. Don't wait! Do it now!

The beautiful areas I serve in Northern New Jersey and New York are filled with high-value homes in exceptional settings that will make you feel as though you are on a perpetual vacation.  There are many owners who are ready to pass on their life-long treasures.

Come work with the professionals who are experienced with these magnificent country retreats.  You will never regret the time you took to discover what you didn't know was there!

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There Has Never Been a Better Time

Work Remotely - Continual Vacation Lifestyle

Living in beautiful natural surroundings is now possible.

Like many others you can now live continually in natural surroundings by working remotely, save time and money by reducing  or eliminating the old commute, and take a large reduction in taxes by selecting a low-tax alternative.  There has never been a better time!

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We succeed in selling homes that were listed but did not sell, getting the sellers full market value in a short period of time.  If you need to sell your home so that you can move on with life now.

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We measure home values in the context of their local market considering prior sales successes and current competitors. On the market, our clients' homes are positioned to maximize the return they provide to their owners. 

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James Bean


Expanding on years of business leadership in marketing, sales, professional consulting, account management, database systems and civic and cultural service, James has established a real estate business as a Broker-Associate with Christie’s International in Northern New Jersey, Westchester and the Hudson Valley. James is recognized for his ability to market and sell a wide spectrum of unique and challenging properties.

In addition to his Villanova MBA, James is Degreed in Computer Science, Project Management and Education/Training.

James is a licensed real estate broker in both New York and New Jersey who publishes The Real Estate Dashboard newsletter.  His service on real estate committees includes: Global Business Council, Advocacy & Communications, Awards Verification, MLS Users, Professional Development, Grievance, Young Professionals Network and NJR Strategy Committee.

James honors and affiliations include, President, Rotary Club of Estero, Paul Harris Fellow of Distinction, U. S. Navy Distinguished Service Citation, Chairman Lockheed Martin Center of Excellence, IBM Divisional Team Excellence Award, Board of Directors, MasterWorks Chorus.


James Bean


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Dreaming of a better future? Your new home will be the home you have always dreamed you would own. And you will enjoy the lifestyle, social and community enrichment that makes life worth living. James is here to help you find the life you have always dreamed of, just like he has helped so many others in the past.

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